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PETRA VISTANA – LARIMAR. Introducing the third phase of our Petra Vistana masterplan; which comprising of 110 units of single storey terrace, 88 units of double storey terrace, and 16 units of single storey semi-detached. Nestled in a sub-urban setting with endless greenery; both single and double storey that offer 2 types of floor layout configuration to choose from which enables each home owner to have different ideas in landscape design.


Single Storey Terrace

Featuring an open layout concept where the living and dining area offers up ample space to vary with your creativity in designing your dream interior. It gives a sense of openness and maximising the usage of spaces around the unit.  The doors for the bedrooms are angled away from the living room to give a better sense of privacy. 


Double Storey Terrace

Offering more space for better living experience. Setting out to create a home that embodies peace and balance to your life just like the gemstone called Larimar. This 4-bedroom house creates a simple yet comfortable space just as one wishes in a dream home.


Single Storey Semi-Detached

The 16 units of Semi-Detached that adds as a finishing touch to Petra Vistana Larimar development. We hope you look forward for this as much as it excites us to produce a dream home for a home owner.   


Continuing the success story of Petra Vistana Amethyst and Petra Vistana Citrine, we aim to deliver the utmost value by building quality homes that manifest happiness, togetherness and close to the heart of nature. We wish and hope that each home owners of our project will be able to live out the project tagline which says "Beautiful Home, Beautiful Life".

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