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Founder & Group Managing Director

In 1986, Mr Khor established Nam Leong Retail Group, which is now one of the subsidiaries of Green Summit Group.


With his leadership and experience in the real business, the growth of the business accelerated. The business has now diversified into other range of industries such as food & beverage, mobile technology, energy and now property development.


Mr Khor believes in building homes and providing communities with an extraordinary lifestyle of living experiences and not just limited to the concept of living in four walls. His strong confidence personality strives to bring the company to a higher level of business development.



OfficerFounder & Group Executive Director

James is the Group Chief Executive Officer of Green Summit Development Group.  James started his career in civil engineering as part of the pioneer team of SP Setia Berhad Group as a civil engineer in Johor Bahru. Prior to joining Green Summit Development, James served as a project manager and founded Promptrite Sdn Bhd in 2004.


As the Group CEO, James plays a crucial role in most major corporate decisions making.  Being the public face of Green Summit Development Group, he leads and oversees the overall operations and resources ensuring they are all being managed consistently with the group’s vital strategic directions.  He is also active in building trust corporate relationship with key partners and stakeholders while exploring numerous potential business development and expansion opportunities to ensure the group could achieve enduring sustainable growth. 


James’s  spirit of continuous pursuance for growth opportunities had been one of the influential factors that lead the group’s venture into new industries of construction and manufacturing other than its core business of property development along the years.


Despite his busy business schedule, James is also actively involved in community services. Constantly upholding his principle of “from the society, back to the society”, James has led the group to initiate multiple signature CSR projects with various NGOs over the years that has contributed and benefited to the communities.


James holds an engineering degree with first class honours in University Teknologi Malaysia.

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