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Green Summit Development – A Brand with true focus on “Core Values”

Core Values focus

Since its foundation back in 2009, Green Summit Development Group of Companies (GSDEVP) emphasizes on being the “Builder of Total Values”, continuously creating value-added components in its products and services.

In pursuant to its corporate vision “To Deliver Value In All We Do”, GSDEVP has rapidly expanded from being a sole Property Developer Company in its early day, to possessing its own Construction Arm, Ready-mix Production, Real Estate Management and also Food Court Operator; successfully transformed into a multiple diversified conglomerate group.

Over the years, GSDEVP adheres on high quality design and workmanship in its projects; with the objective to enhance the value in its product and services and offer a better investment return for its customers at the same time.  Other than its design and workmanship, the company also makes extra effort in providing superior customer service.  Apart from assisting its customers to apply for water and electricity, serving them on defect rectification, etc, the company also introduces its free leasing service for its purchasers after identifying the majority property investors’ common concern is mainly in sourcing for tenants.  This intimate after sales service improves its investors’ return thus building trust and long term relationship that bound the developer and its customers whilst achieving win-win situation among both.  All these efforts demonstrate GSDEVP taking its customers’ interest as priority.

The Height III

The Height, a symbolized project of GSDEVP located at Lopeng, Miri that is first launched back in 2013.  A residential development project that consists of double storey semi-detached and terrace houses being built at 80 feets above sea level; The Height becomes a standout development well-received by the public since its introduction.  Its strong market demand led to GSDEVP’s decision to launch The Height II shortly after The Height I’s overwhelmed booking calls.

Within 7 minutes of driving distance from the city centre, The Height’s great locality and quality living environment with availability of variety of public amenities and lifestyle components that include shopping complexes, education institutions, and medical centers; form its competitive advantages to become the ideal dream home for everyone.  Other than living environment and lifestyles, GSDEVP also pays high attention on the safeties and security of the surrounding area.  This is proven though GSDEVP’s plan to design The Height as a gated living community at the first place and also the provision of night parole services; to ensure the purchasers of The Height being able to stay in their dream home with great relief.

While The Height has generated relatively positive comments and reviews from the public, rather than being satisfying with its current success, GSDEVP constantly looks for areas to continuously improve in order to pursuit for excellence.  In line with this mission, GSDEVP decides to apply QLASSIC assessment in its The Height III Phase 1 project that is launched back in 2017, consist of a total 51 units of double storey residential houses (14 units semi-detached and 37 units terrace houses).

Quality Assessment System in Construction (QLASSIC)

QLASSIC is a system being endorsed by Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB) used to measure and evaluate the workmanship quality of a building construction work based on Construction Industry Standard (CIS 7:2006).  It sets out the standard of quality of workmanship for various construction elements of building construction work that will be assessed through site inspection via the principles of first time inspection; to encourage the contractor to “Do Things Right the First Time and Every Time”.  Marks will then be awarded if the workmanship comply the standard placed which enables the quality of workmanship between construction projects to be objectively compared through a scoring system.

GSDEVP’s belief with the strict and objective QLASSIC assessment being in place, the quality of the workmanship will be safeguarded and monitored that will improve the customers’ confidence towards the products purchased or considering to purchase.

This year remarks the first year that GSDEVP launching Sample House for The Height to be open for public visit.  Apart from the existing gated community, provision of parole service, implementation of QLASSIC assessment, GSDEVP also provide anti termite services, 24 months warranty for roofs and pre-installed hot and cold water piping system.  

As a favorable return to this project’s supporters, for those who book unit of The Height III during the Sample House Open Day; you will be entitled to FREE 1 year night parole service, a set of alarm system and Legal Fee for Sales and Purchase Agreement.  Limited units available!

The Height III, your definite choice of dream home!


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