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Debak Waterfront, a new Double Storey Shophouses Development that is situated beside Sungai Rimbas. Debak Waterfront Phase 1 consists of 16 units of Double Storey Shophouses. The project signifies the NEXT LEVEL of Business Environment in Debak, Sarawak.

Debak Waterfront offers numerous benefits for the business environment. They optimize space utilization by allowing businesses to use the ground floor for retail or customer-facing activities and the upper floor for offices, storage, or additional seating. This configuration is often more cost-efficient, as it typically involves lower rent compared to leasing multiple separate units, and shared utilities can further reduce operational costs. 

The versatility of double storey shophouses allows for mixed-use, with different functions on each floor, and the flexible layout can adapt to evolving business needs. Customers benefit from the convenience of ground floor access, which ensures high foot traffic and visibility, while the upper floor can be used for exclusive or private experiences. 

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