The purpose of the visit was to spread the festivity meriment among the kids. It was heartwaming to see volunteers and the kids alike, enjoying each other's company when the button art tree making session activity took place.

We hope our simple gesture was able to put a smile on their faces.

~ Hamidah Yakub Welfare Complex (Kompleks Kebajikan Hamidah Yakub) in Tudan, Miri.

~ Group photo session with GSD's staffs, volunteers from Rotary Club of Miri Oil Town (RCMOT), and the members of Sarawak Orphans Welfare Boards along with the kids.

~ Button art tree making session with the kids.

~ Handmade souvenir to YB Lukanisman Awang Sauni by the kids.

~ Completed artworks by the kids.

~ Speech by GSD's CEO - Mr. James Hii.

~ Speech by Sibuti member of parliament YB Lukanisman Awang Sauni.

~ Presentation of upcoming project "Love in Action 2018" by GSD's Chief Technical Officer.

~ News released by The Borneo Post.

~ News released by Sin Chew Daily.